Wednesday, 28 September 2011


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Monday, 7 March 2011

Food Fraud On The Rise.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this.  But yes, it is true.  You no longer know what you are getting, when you go out for a meal.  Many Restaurants are now under investigation, for misleading the public about food.

Many people no longer know the difference, between good fruit/veg.  We are led into a false sense of belief, that all our food is 100% fresh.  But it isn't.  There is no difference between Organic, and food that has passed its sell by date.  If you take a banana home, its mouldy after a few days.  Fruit and veg would always last weeks, in the 1980's.  Now it has a shelf-life of ten minutes.  What is being put into our food?

It is up to Consumer watchdogs to let us know, of these scandals that supermarkets create.  All as supermarkets seem to be interested in is our money.  We are being led blindly into believing, that we are getting value for money.  There is a con involved.  I think that people will become more awaken to these new findings.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

What Would You Choose?

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My sister and I are always having severe difficulties, with those of society that seem to always be accepted.  We've now got uneducated dunces running Great Britain.  Oh yes, they may've been to very posh schools, or Universities.  But does it make any difference to the way you treat everybody else?

It doesn't mean sod all.  A person with Asperger's should be given the same rights, as everybody else.  You are immediately labelled A Problem Case by society, for not fitting in correctly.  You are also classed as a potential Trouble-Maker, just for not thinking or acting like everyone else.

Which now brings me to a very big question.

What would you choose out of these two choices?

(1)  Experiences through life's little problems.
(2)  A piece of paper that claims you've passed many Qualifications.

If you chose the first answer, then you are very highly intelligent.  Because Qualifications don't mean a bloody thing.  It is the experiences that drives us one by one, to become successful.  If you don't learn yourself to switch On a computer...then you won't get anywhere.  It's all about self-motivation.  Not the reliances on others, that are constantly trying to impress, and always failing.

A lot of these so-called experts, don't know the first thing about Autism.  The so-called Psychologists and Psychiatrists treat us as all the same.  In Autism people are not the same.  If you haven't got a Mental Health Problem, you haven't got Autism, or Asperger's syndrome.  You are just wasting their time.  But it's the other way around.  They are trying as much as they can, to waste our lives away instead.

The guy that hacked into USA defence computers has Asperger's.  His name is Gary McKinnon.  The Government have wiped their hands clean of him.  Nick Clegg made a promise and broke it.  Doesn't this tell you the truth about politicians.  They are only concerned with someone, if there's a few quid in it for them.  Where are the people that will look after the smaller people, without wanting to make a profit?  Profiteering from the disabled is wrong.  It's downright criminal.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Consumer Spending?

It always seems to depend on the weather.  You can't force people to spend money when it's cold.  Consumer spending is up or down?  Who gives a shit?  Most sensible people go into what we call Hybernation.  We won't come out again until spring-time.  So what is all the fuss about, with these idiotic morons?  Wintertime causes a lot of problems for many of us.  Even those that claim to love the weather aren't always satisfied.

The reason why the media is always full of doom and gloom, about our environment.  It's because the so-called powers haven't got much to do during the winter-months.  So they spread a bit of unhappiness, to make our lives miserable.  Politicians are so miserable, that they expect everybody else to be that way too.  It's a case of me, me, me.  How do you think animals have lived for millions of years?  They go into a warmer shelter, when it gets too cold.  Nobody likes the cold.  Spare a thought for all those poor Jews, that got put into cold Nazi deathcamps.  It must've been freezing, as well as hell.

Anyway, people usually spend a lot over the Internet now.  It's so easy to make a transaction over the Internet.  It's common-place now.  So, what's the big problem?  Are The Government afraid of losing profit to other companies, that offer cheaper and more affordable products to its customers?  We all want a bargain or two.  Why should I spend £18 on a cd, when I know I can buy it at Amazon UK for £8.75?  We are living in slightly better times.  But they could be even better still.  It just takes a bit of common sense, that's all.

Yes, we do have stupid people in power.  We've got a pathetic London Mayor that puts his mouth in gear, before his tiny brain.  I think most people hate/loathe Boris Idiotic Johnson.  He's a total dead weight to the country, as a whole.  He is the equivalent of a stupid Hitlar.  We all know it so well.  It's enough to drive a sane man to drink.  When you kick out these freaks, they reappear back in The Government all over again.  They're not suppossed to be there, after they've been kicked out.  Kenneth Clarke is exactly the same.  He was suppossed to have been kicked out with Thatcher.  What's he doing giving political advice to the country now? 

I Have Not One Single Friend In Life.

Since I was a six years old, I haven't mixed with other people very well.  I have been severely neglected in my youth, and in my teens and beyond.  I have not one single friend to call on in need.  Society has deserted me, and left me in the lurch.  I am well and trully hung out to dry.  The vultures and wolves always come along.  They hault my plans to move forwards.  This has always happened since day one.

It's like as if I am a spaceman from Pluto.  I have never felt accepted or appreciated by others.  Yesterday, a person from SIRS ignored me in the street.  And then they go and tell me suddenly, that it's all in my mind.  I'm imagining it all.  I'm just a schizotype, with a mind functioning disorder.  I am a brainless bimbo, and should be locked up in a Mental Asylum.  I have never had any rights, and I've always found it difficult to express my rights.  That's probably why I never like going into shops etc.

Even making a cup of tea is a highly risky task.  I have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but rarely does anybody see it, or ask and communicate properly.  I hate the modern world so much.  I would just desire to blow up this stinky little town, called Oswestry.  It's a fucking doss-hole, that's for sure.  There are no prospects here.  Everything seems so bleak and dull.  This town is like a cemetery during the day or night.  A deserted 1000 mile long Highway, seems more interesting than this town of shit.

My health is also being fucked up by civilization.  There are no laws or human rights for the Anti-Social few.  Even The Police treat my sister and I as Outsiders.  They all seem to blame us both for natural disasters.  Oswestry folk seem to delight in trying to wind us both up.  They get little hooligans to sneak past our house, and throw things when we're not looking.  And they do it in such a way, that you can never tell who it is.  And this is only the scratching of the surface.  Underneath, there is a more uglier cause going on.

It all started when my sister and I were kids.  We were constantly bullied from Primary School years, right up until now.  I often wonder what they are all thinking.  Trying to work Oswestry folk out is time consuming, and uses up a lot of brain-power.  I feel as if I've been totally abandoned in life.  Everyone I've ever met has let me down badly.  The local services have failed me miserably.  And they'll carry on trying to pull a fast one on me, in the near distant future.  You start off at one point in life.  And before you know it, you're back to the same old point again.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Euro-Zone Is A Farce.

They tell Great British people what to do.  They tell us where we can go and not go.  They make up the rules for us all to live by.  But most of the rules they force upon us are stupid.  You are not allowed to take your own cakes, to the parties of other people.  This is just one silly little EU law, that we have to live by now.  Just who are these nutters?  They're not kidding me, that's for sure.

It's the same with workers.  The EU tell workers where to put a bolt etc.  And where it should go and not go.  The poor small company is trying to churn out a profit.  But the bloody EU employ a looney to tell us all what to do.  We should get ourselves out of the Common Market now, before it's too late.  I remember going on a walk with SIRS...The Social Inclusion And Recovery Service.  This may seem normal.  But it ain't.  We had to go through Risk Assessments, before we could go for a walk.  Again, this was part of an EU strategy.

The EU also tells us how many so-called asylum seekers to have.  We have to give them the jobs, and do without ourselves.  No wonder there's not much money in our country now.  The asylum seekers are bloody sending all our money abroad. 

Now, we are also going to have more bloody adverts on TV.  That's certainly put a spanner in the works, for the British people.  We'll now have less programs, and more stupid adverts.  Just so that the UK government can make more profit out of the poor.  No wonder local services are being axed by the stupid Tories.  There's nothing left in this country.  It will soon be a vast desert wasteland of bones and fragments.  Nothing left of the British way of life.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Past Does Not Rest Easily.

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In the booklet of the cd entitled The 13th Hour by Midnight Syndicate.  There is a fantastic statement.  It says, The Past Does Not Rest Easily.  This ties in with what The Bible says in Revelations.  Revelations is the final book of The Bible.  It speaks of a final war between Humanity and Supernatural Activity. 

There is a war going on right now.  It's a war that most of us know nothing about.  Earth has been visited by UFOS, since the dawning of time.  That's why I have always loved the film Ghostbusters.  This could be so close to what will really happen.  The end times in The Bible is very interesting.  The dead shall walk the land, when there is no more room left in hell.  Politicians are a bit like the walking dead.  They sit in the so-called rooms of power, and sleep like old fogies.  They're only interested in corrupt deals, that make them a fortune.  But their fortune ain't going to pay the way to Heaven.
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